Laser IPL Hair Removal Manchester

Our Laser Hair Removal treatments involve passing laser light through the melanin pigment in the hair, meaning it's guided directly to the base so that it can get straight to work.

Whether you're looking to get rid of unwanted hair from an earlobe or a full-body treatment, there's a course of treatment to suit your needs. The laser treatment doesn't rip out hairs like shaving or waxing, but rather goes after the hair follicle itself so the hair falls out and then takes a much longer time to grow back. Over time your hair colour and texture will go from coarse and dark to soft and light, ultimately resulting in hair free skin.

* Please Note: A patch test is required atleast 24 hours prior to treatment.

Treatment Duration Price
Upper Lip 10 mins £15.00
Chin 15 mins £20.00
Sides 20 mins £25.00
Cheeks 20 mins £25.00
Forehead 15 mins £20.00
Nose 15 mins £10.00
Neck 15 mins £20.00
Full Arms 40 mins £105.00
Half Arms 20 mins £60.00
Full Legs 60 mins £120.00
Half Legs 80 mins £30.00
Full Back 45 mins £80.00
Half Back 30 mins £50.00
Chest 30 mins £50.00
Abdomen 25 mins £40.00
Underarms 20 mins £25.00
Bikini 40 mins £70.00
Full Body 5 x 30 mins £500.00