Waxing Treatments Manchester

We offer both hot and strip wax. Hot wax contains beeswax which once applied, sets to room temperature. The wax is removed causing little discomfort as it adheres to the hair rather than the skin and the area will then remain smooth for three to four weeks. Best suited for smaller areas.

Strip wax is applied sparingly with a spatula and removed straight away using a fabric or paper strip. It is very easy to control the application making it ideal for facial hair removal. Sometimes slight reddening may appear to the skin but this fades in a few hours. At Aroos we choose not to use roller/cartrillage wax due to its unhygienic nature

Waxing Treatment Duration Price
Half Arms 15 mins £7.00
Full Arms 20 mins £12.00
Half Legs 20 mins £8.00
Full Legs 30 mins £15.00
Full Back 20 mins £10.00
Lower Back 15 mins £8.00
Stomach 15 mins £8.00
Underams 15 mins £6.00
Bikini 20 mins £6.00
Brazilian 30 mins £20.00
Fully Body 60 mins £55.00